Audiovisual Creation since 2005

I have experience on Television (News “Agency, Live” y Fiction), Radio (Speaker), Live Shows (Technical team, actor, musician), Music Studio (Recording, Mastering or being recorded), Cinema (Films and Shortfilms, Producer, Cameraman, actor), Jury of some film festivals and Photographer.

I love work with the underground culture, searching for a new talent in the street.

"My little big dream is improve the management, diffusion and stream channels of the global culture."

Projects and Experience

Some of the most knews projects.

Videoclip Director ¿Por qué te vas? of Supersonora Music Band

Director + Producer


Protest Videoclip filmed and submited inside the 54 Gijón International Film Festival (FICX).

Performance Symphonic orchestra of Asturias (StreamPro Audiovisual)



Live Broadcast Stream for the Asturian Televisión.

Director of the 54 Gijón Film Festival Oficial Spot

Director + Executive Producer


Creation of the oficial spot for one of the most important European film festivals.

Videoclip Producer "Miguelito el Chambón", flamenco singer Francis Ligero

Director + Producer


Videoclip of flamenco singer Francis Ligero with the colaboration of good part of most popular Asturian musicians.

Videoclip Producer "Seventies", Davi Quixito

Director + Producer


Davi Quixito and Más Que Jazz choir with the colaboration of good part of most popular underground Asturian musicians.

Territoriu Sidreru (Documentary Show TV - TPA)

Filmmaker (Since Second Chapter) Original Idea of Santiago Alcaraz and Cesar Balbotín


Documentary TV Show, with the objective of introduce the cidery world to the Asturian viewers.

Look At Me

Producer (Host on first TV Show)


Live TV Fashion Show, with music, trends and interviews, made in one of the best places of Asturias.

A big project for advertise the fashion industry and local shops.



Project Start-Up

First Online Tv Channel IPTV. VOD, Live Streaming y TDT

Design of the base infraestructure and service platform.

Entertainment programme



A big fiction project for a private company.

Comedy programme

Editor and EFX


The post-production process was the key, Croma-key, Virtual Scenes...

Audiovisual Technical Manager on Top Colonies Camp

Audiovisual Planning and Coordination


One of the most important European Summer Camps, with probably the best entrepreneurship program for kids.

Another Project

  • Producer on "No nos cuentes" film contest. FICXixón (Gijón International Film Festival).
  • Entamar Project, for the Spanish Goverment.
  • Asturian representation on the "National Entrepreneurship Camp".
  • Technical manager on High School Theatre (CaixaEscena).
  • Young Jury on Film Contest "Mieres Shortfilms".

Know How, Training and Technical

Official Degree

Audiovisual Producer, Cinema, Radio, Television and Live Shows.Average Score of 8 over 10


Adobe Photoshop

Retouching and raw processing, design, photographic restoration, coloring, assembly.


The Same as Photoshop but Open Source.

Adobe Lightroom

Photo procesing, coloring, restoration...

Adobe Illustrator

Vectorial Design, draws, logos, plotter control...


One of the best open source Vectorial Software.

Adobe Indesing

Layout for magazines, dossiers, books and any other printing things.


Open Source Layout Design Software.


Adobe Premiere

Video editing, coloring, secuence or efx assembly, preview, master program control, multicam postproduction...


Video editing and much more, that I prefer for cinema or similar purposes because it has very good performance.


Video editing, I know the software and I used it for some projects.


Free Video Editing Software for personal use or educational training.


The first video software that I used, when I was 12 years old. It's good for small projects.


One of the best video encoders, I like it for work with MXF or DCP video packages.


Open Source encoder, very good soft but a little bit complex.

After Effects

For special effects, 2D animation, it's my favorite, I think that never will exist person in the world that knows all the capabilities of this soft.



Audio editing, Windows DAW, I love it.


Audio editing for Apple machines, MAC DAW, the most common on professional music studios.


Open Source audio editing, I use it in the classroom.

Waves VSTs

Most common plugins for DAW.


Best Virtual Instrument Software.

Diseño y texturización 3D


3D Desing, free, open source, I love it.


The same as Blender but privative.


I use it to make design of structures, attrezzo, plannings...


Very simple and fast software for 3D design.