SPOT – 54 FICX Oficial Spot for the 54 Gijón International Film Festival writed and recorded with non-profit objectives in only one day.

Posterini Adventures

Posterini Adventures, Advertising for the APP from Ideami Factory  

Coffe with Baileys

On Friday 25 November 2012 took place the premiere of the short films “Coffe with Bailey’s” and “One Iran Film”, which are part of the educational project Don’t talk about Films … Make it !!!, which Valnalón develops in conjunction with the Gijón International Film Festival, Conseyu de la Mocedá del Principáu d’Asturies and Telecable.   …Seguir Leyendo

Look At Me

Look at Me was a Live TV Fashion Show.

Cider Country

Cider Country (Territoriu Sidreru Asturian TV) was a TV format by Santiago Alcaraz, Inaciu Galán and Cesar Balbotin Velasco, this lastone was the filmmaker the first two chapters , after this the direction of the production company convince me for continue. I tried to enhance the production plan and the post production.

More than Jazz

More than Jazz (Más Que Jazz in spanish) in one of the choirs of the Gijón Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance, since our association for the Seventies videoclip, I help them with some videos and music recordings. This examples are from a Christmas Performance, in the Cultural Centre “Old Institute” of Gijón. This video   …Seguir Leyendo

Result of the course. ICT’s

This video is the final work of the ITCs course that I have been teaching in the Gijón Professional Conservatory of Music and dance for the teachers of the centre. The teachers of the Conservatory, wrote the script, composed the music, planned the production plan, mastered the music, recorded the sequences and edit the video.   …Seguir Leyendo